Membership: Benefits

The greatest benefit of being a volunteer is the personal joy that comes from giving something back to your community. You are giving your personal time so that you can bring compassion to your fellow citizens in their greatest times of need.


As a member of an emergency services organization you will have opportunities to grow in ways that you will find in few other activities. You will learn new skills, get to work with specialized tools, and be part of a highly dedicated family of professionals. From in house training to specialized classes, the opportunity to learn never ends. You will also grow personally in ways that will help you both in the company and in your personal life. This experience will teach independence, self-confidence, teamwork, and leadership.


We consider everyone in the company part of our extended family. We work hard together and have to rely on each other to keep us all safe. This forms strong and lasting bonds between us. To celebrate these friendships we have multiple events during the year that are “non-emergency” gatherings. Annually we have a company banquet to recognize outstanding accomplishments by our members. Each fall we host a company picnic, and throughout the year we have pancake breakfasts as a fundraisers. All of these are excellent opportunities to relax and socialize with our friends, but it is a great chance to meet and socialize with their families as well.


On the monetary side, all volunteer firefighters who actively respond to calls throughout the year can take a refundable $200 tax credit on their New York state income taxes.


If you are looking for money to attend college there are a number of scholarships available to fire and EMS volunteers.


All volunteer firefighters are covered by the Volunteer Fireman's Benefit Law which provides coverage similar to worker's compensation to provide medical care and cover lost wages in the event you are injured in the line of duty.