Services: EMS

Campville is fortunate to have a combined Fire and EMS department. The majority of Campville’s calls are EMS related and the combined department provides ample resources to call upon to respond to emergencies. In addition to the volunteer medical providers, the Town of Owego employees five paid Advanced Life Support (ALS) providers to supplement the skill base.  This ensures that our citizens are getting the best care possible.

The primary response vehicles for EMS calls are 331 and 332, our two ambulances that reside in Station 1 and Station 2 respectively. The unit responding to any particular call depends primarily on the location of the call. In addition to the ambulances, it is likely that our First Response Vehicle, 351, will respond to the call as well. The purpose of 351 is to get someone on scene rapidly to start assessing the situation while the ambulance gets to the scene.

There is a lot that happens very quickly on an EMS call. EMTs will be bringing in first-in bags, clipboards, the drug bag, and heart monitors.  A scribe might be assisting in the recording of pertinent treatment information, including vital signs, medications, name, date of birth, and medical history.  If the patient requires transport to the hospital, the stretcher will be brought in. If the incident involves stairs, the stair chair might be necessary. If the patient has a traumatic injury, then a backboard and collar will be needed.

The other major responsibility of the EMS is to provide the rehabilitation sector, or rehab, to the other emergency responders operating at a scene. For example, at a structure fire, as each crew comes off of an assignment, command will order them to rehab to undergo rehydration, vital sign monitoring, and overall rest and cooling. EMS will get them drinks, wet towels to cool off with, and food; all vital components in keeping our emergency workers safe and effective.

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