About Us: Apparatus - 341 & 342

Name: 341

Year: 2003

Model: 4x4 Brush Truck

Manufacturer: Chevrolet

Name: 342

Year: 1999

Model: Ranger 6x6

Manufacturer: Polaris

Campville 341 and 342 provide the Department’s primary brush firefighting capability.

341 is a heavy duty pickup truck used to move the trailer for 342, carries 200 gallons of water, and a small pump for attacking off-road fires.

342 is a 6-wheeled all terrain vehicle that carries 50 gallons of water and a portable pump for front line fire attack in nearly any terrain. In addition to its firefighting capability, 342 is often utilized as a backwoods rescue vehicle; capable of carrying injured victims from remote sections of the district. 342 is equipped with a detachable stretcher carrier to facilitate this function.

Both vehicles are housed at Station 2.

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